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How to get Armadillos Out from Under a Shed or Porch

Once you are sure that you have a Phoenix armadillo under your shed or porch, you will definitely want to get it away from your property, because armadillos are danger for the building's structural integrity. Armadillos dig deep and wide, burrowing underground, developing their home, creating elaborate labyrinth of hallways and passages...but equally or even more important, they dig to find food. Primary part of their diet is underground insects and worms and they dig all the time to get them.

Now, when you notice distinctive signs of a Phoenix armadillo presence (dirt, loose ground, piles of soil around your property, as well as small holes that indicate their points of entry), you will want to get them away. The safest way to get the armadillos away is to use repellents. Armadillos are Arizona animals with poor eyesight, but with an excellent sense of smell and they really dislike intensive scents of all sorts.

Placing (growing or spraying around) garlic or peppers where you have noticed presence of Phoenix armadillos will definitely make them go away, as this is too intensive scent for them to handle. Ammonia and mothballs also have unpleasant, too intensive scent for Arizona armadillos to handle, so this will also repel them. However, if you are trying to repel them from your shed or porch it would be better to avoid these repellents-because you will also suffer the negative consequences (the scent).

Now, after you have repelled Phoenix armadillo away, it is also important to make them stay away from your shed or porch. To be sure about that, we recommend that you post a mesh fence. It doesn't have to be high, but it is important to post it deep, because of armadillo's excellent digging abilities. Now, if repelling didn't work well, there is always possibility to go for trapping method. There are one-way exclusion traps that will work fine on armadillos as well as Arizona rodents they are designed for. This type of trap is usually available in hardware stores; make sure to get one that is large enough for armadillo. Consult a salesperson if you are unsure about the right size. Go for the sturdy and hard trap because Arizona armadillos are equipped with long and strong claws that can destroy weak traps. Bait the trap with worms or snails and check the trap often, so that animal doesn't stay trapped more than necessary.

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