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Inspect Your House for Bat Entry Holes

If you suspect that Phoenix bats are tenants of your house then it is the right time to do a thorough inspection of your home. You may have heard sounds like scratching on walls or felt a strange smell, this implies already mentioned and that means you have invisible tenants. In this case, every inch of your home must be reviewed to determine whether Arizona bats cause this condition and which way they went in. It is important to emphasize that cracks through which they can enter are often very small and very process of inspection requires a lot of dedication in order to find potential holes in the wall or roof of the building. Patience is what one needs to be armed with in case like this.

In addition to the discovery of cracks in the building easiest way on which you can confirm that Phoenix bats live under the same roof is the search for guano, or bat droppings. Guano is usually located on the wall, which is located below the bat entrance or on the earth beneath ports of entry. Place around holes can also be covered with guano because bats flying around the entrance. The inspection of your attic can also be done to check whether it has traces of guano as evidence that Arizona bats live under the roof. If one lived under your roof and left it, you can be certain that they will come back again; you have to shut up all the holes to prevent their repeated settlement under your roof. Another way to check the house is a preview of the walls and roof by looking for patches of urine.

They also point to the vicinity of a Phoenix bat entrance to the building. The inspection also work well in the dusk since then the bats fly out so you can keep track of where are the exits and discover the place of their entry into the Arizona house.

If you have done search of your house and you have not spotted entering holes for Phoenix bats then in that case you need to carefully inspect the house for damage that may be a potential point of entry. The bricks that are missing on the roof, broken window and similar items may be ports of entry. Different ventilation systems and chimneys should also be reviewed. The inspection of your roof is best carried out after dark if you leave the light and go outside to look for a trace of light that would indicate a crack through which Arizona bats have entered.

Everything that has been mentioned does not mean that we will be able to detect bat entry point. In that case we ask for help of Arizona professionals.

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