Getting Opossums Out of the Attic

Phoenix opossums are classified amongst pest speciesbecause they have scavenging habits and can live in attics as well as under the porch. They can cause different problems when in the attic and these include:
• Damage to the insulation and ducts within the attic
• Babies and adults dead within the attic causing odor
• Baby Phoenix opossums can fall down the walls from your attic
• They can spread parasites and pathogens into the house
• Large dropping found in all parts of the attic
• Noises as they crawl within the attic.

When you have a Phoenix opossum problem, you need to address it as soon as possible so as to have it removed well especially whenthey are in the attic. Opossums are excellent climbers because of the opposable thumb. They also love to live in a warm, safe and dry area and the attic is an amazing place for them.

The females also love the safety because of their young. You may find that when you have a Phoenix opossum in the attic, it is most probably a female that is nursing, however, she moves around with the youngand this means removing them together is simpler. The chances that you will separate them are rather low. The opossums usually den up in groups especially in winter. They aren’t socialanimalsbutwhen they get to the attic in such groups, the mess will be so great. The best way to rid the attic of the opossums is trio trap them or removing them by hand or a snare oil. Using exclusion doors is an amazing idea too. The first important point is to get some bit of education about the Arizona opossums and some tips on how to deal with the opossums within your attic.

Opossums are nocturnal in nature. Also, they are quite sloe and sound like heavy and slow Phoenix animals walking around your attic. They are also quiet in their nature. The opossums usually climb to the house and make entrance in an opening that they find uncovered. This may be a vent or eave gap. They don’t try to force entrance but the opening has to be large. They leave a lot of fecal matter behindthem and this is a major indication that you have an Arizona opossum issue at hand. The fecal matter is easy to identify because it is usuallylarge and has some pointed tips in most cases. They leave trails on your insulation and when the young fall down the walls, they scratchwhen it happens.

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