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Welcome to Pest Animal Phoenix! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Phoenix, AZ. Do you have an animal in your home that you need a little help getting rid of? You’ve come to the right place - we have ten years of pest removal experience behind us, guaranteeing you a service with a smile, and one done properly too. As well as removing the critter in question, we can also give great advice and perform building and home repairs to a professional standard to ensure the critter doesn’t come back. If it’s an emergency, a raccoon in the living room, for example, give us a call. We answer our phones 24/7, and we’re also working in your area so a technician will usually be made available to you immediately. We use only the safest and most humane methods in our removal without resorting to poison, specializing in bat colony extraction. We don’t harm any of them, and we still have a gleaming track record of getting rid of them all. For a quote, advice, or a written estimate, just get in touch. We use only the latest state-of-the-art tools in our pest removal, and we keep up to date with all training. On top of that, we’re fully insured and licensed for both residential and commercial properties. Call us now at 602-313-8971 for your Phoenix wildlife control needs.

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Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

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We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

We never use poisons! We don't handle insects.

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Experts in Arizona bat removal from buildings.

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Phoenix dead animal removal inside houses.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service all of Maricopa County and the towns of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Casa Grande, Maricopa, Apache Junction, El Mirage, Queen Creek, Coolidge, Florence, Fountain Hills, Eloy, Paradise Valley, Carefree, Cave Creek, Gila Bend, Guadalupe, Kearny, Litchfield Park, Mammoth, Superior, Tolleson, Wickenburg, Youngtown, and more.

Phoenix Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

Are Repellents Like Powders or Machines Effective at Solving Wildlife Conflicts?

Defending your home from wild Phoenix animals is a process that takes efforts on multiple levels. On the one hand, you need to maintain your estate in a good shape to not allow the animals to get in. on the other hand, you need to know the wildlife in the area you live in pretty well. There is no better way to protect your home against wild animals than knowing exactly which species to look out for. It could happen that you only need to watch out for rats and mice. In this case, regular maintenance and proper hygiene should do enough. But, your home could also be in danger from opossums, skunks, raccoons, bats and squirrels. To know exactly what type of an animal to protect your home from, you are going to have to do some research. In general, repairs, fencing, and trapping are amongst most effective ways of getting rid of wild Arizona animals. But, many wonder if the use of widely known animal repellents might help them to keep animals away.

Wild Phoenix animal repellents come in different shapes, forms and manufacturers. Mainly, they fall into two major groups. First groups of repellents include all sorts of chemical repellents. These come in different forms as well. While some are homemade and natural, others are industrial and made out of industrial chemicals. The second group of repellents includes mechanical repellents. Mechanical repellents are, essentially, machines that emit different types of signals that are supposed to scare the animal away or cause them discomfort using light or sounds. Unlike mechanical, chemical repellents use strong smell and taste to deter wild Arizona animals.

Powder chemical repellents consist out of different sorts of condiments, that are supposed to disturb the Phoenix animal to such degree that eventually stops attempting to access the areas in which the powder is applied in. powder repellents also come in a homemade, natural and industrial home. Home- made powders usually mix different household condiments that have strong smell and taste. Natural powdered repellents are often sold in stores and based on ingredients like herbs and oils (lavender, cinnamon, lemon, chili, pepper etc.). Often, people use mothballs to deter different wild animals. On the other hand, industrial chemical repellents contain strong chemicals like bleach and ammonia, as well as many other harsh chemicals. The strong smell of these chemicals is supposed to overwhelm the Arizona animal’s sense of smell and make the area unbearable for them to reside in.

Chemical repellents also come in a form of sprays. Both homemade and industrial, these sprays are mixed in to create a compound that will repel different types of Phoenix animals. Using strong-scented condiments like ammonia, lemon, and chili, these are also supposed to create an unbearable living environment for the wild Arizona animals. While home- made spray repellents are fashioned from different kitchen condiments mixed in a spray bottle, the industrial ones are made out of stronger scented extracts, oils, and acids. Since many of these contain ammonia, they are also often considered to be toxic.

Machine animal repellents use different deterrents like strong lights and loud sounds to scare the wild Phoenix animals away. The majority of these installations are supposed to turn on as the animal approaches the area, emitting disturbing signals and scaring it away. While one group of these repellents uses light signals to deter wild animals, the other uses loud noises in order to keep the animals away. These machines are usually installed in spaces like Arizona yards, attics, porches, and sheds, as well as other areas which are likely to get invited by the pests.

But, are these repellents effective enough? While some claim that the repellents, in general, are a good way of keeping the animals away without harming them, others claim that they are simply not as effective as other methods of Phoenix animal removal. When it comes to chemical repellents, they are not considered to be particularly effective. Depending on the animal species, they may be successful to a certain degree, but not indefinitely.

Chemical repellents, especially natural and homemade ones, are known to lose their strength quite fast. They will dry out in the sun in a matter of minutes, and also wash out in the rain. They will, additionally, simply degrade in contact with the air and lose their deterring qualities. On the other hand, the industrial chemical repellents are known to be quite toxic and dangerous for humans, particularly homeowners, as well as children and pets. In addition to not being safe, these are also often ineffective. More often than not, wild animals will simply grow accustomed to the smell of these deterrents and it will no longer bother them.

When it comes to mechanical repellents, they are also considered to have a modest success rate. On the one hand, wild Phoenix animals are capable of quickly learning that flashing lights and loud noises are no threat to them. On the other hand, animals are very capable of adapting to new living circumstances, especially if driven by fear and hunger, amongst other instinct. It is safe to say that the main shortcoming of using these installations comes from the Arizona animal’s natural ability to adapt and overcome obstacles in order to survive.